Agenda QtDay edition 2019

QtDay agenda 2019 edition

QtDay 2019 Introduction

Speaker: Luca Ottaviano

Keynote: Everything but the graphics

Speaker: Thiago Macieira

3D Content from 3DS Max and Blender into Qt3D and QML

Speaker: Mike Krus

Practical Behaviour Driven Development BDD with Qt

Speaker: Marco Piccolino

Working with QtQuick and Python on a real life Robotics Project

Speaker: Alexander Rössler

Optimizing designer developer workflow with Qt Design Studio

Speaker: Yoann Lopes

Using the Qt Scene Graph from C++ with QSkinny

Speaker: Peter Hartmann

QtDay 2019: Lightning Talks

Keynote: Qt Roadmap

Speaker: Yoann Lopes

Optimizing the Rendering of Qt Quick 2 applications

Speaker: Giuseppe D’Angelo

Make your Qt UI available to any browser in 5 easy steps

Speaker: Luca Ottaviano

Making Qt Systems Comply To LGPL Version 3

Speaker: Burkhard Stubert

qml-ar: Seamless Augmented reality for Qt/QML

Speaker: Sergei Volodin

Wireless Sensor Networks and M2M Protocols: alliance for Industry 4.0

Speaker: Agata Fucile

Verdigris: Using Qt without moc

Speaker: Olivier Goffart

Run Qt on Linux embedded systems using Yocto

Speaker: Marco Cavallini

A “cute” Modern Automotive HMI

Speaker: Alexandra Betouni

Creating a Qt SDK for mobile

Speaker: Ioana Baciu

Using SQLite with Qt: squeeze every CPU clock to get faster

Speaker: Gianbattista Gualeni

Deploying containerized Qt applications on embedded systems

Speaker: Eichenberger, Minute

The journey of API integration

Speaker: Simon Seres

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