Agenda QtDay edition 2020

QtDay agenda 2020 edition

WORKSHOP: Create user interfaces with Qt on Raspberry Pi

Speaker: Luca Ottaviano

Better UI/HMI development workflows with Qt/QML

Speaker: Marco Piccolino

Cross compiling Qt Applications with CMake

Speaker: Burkhard Stubert

A Deep Dive into Qt CAN Bus

Speaker: Burkhard Stubert

How to scale QML based projects an Architecture vision

Speaker: Jürgen Bocklage Ryannel

WORKSHOP: Back to Basics: writing a model

Speaker: Giuseppe D’Angelo

Design thinking: why you should always include UX processes

Speaker: M.Forni and T.Bonvicini

QML prototyping: Creating production ready and reusable code

Speaker: Alexandra Betouni

How to Improve Productivity with Qt on Mobile, Desktop & Embedded

Speaker: F. Scognamiglio

Quickly and Effectively Testing Qt Desktop Applications

Speaker: Clare Macrae

KEYNOTE: Qt Containers and Algorithms

Speaker: Thiago Macieira

What’s new in 3D for Qt 5.14, 5.15 and beyond

Speaker: Mike Krus

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