Attending the event

I registered for an event, how can I join the live sessions?

To join the event, click the “Join” button (or the link) in the email registration confirmation.
If prompted, enter the name you would like displayed during the event.
Email and “token” should be auto-compiled, if not, you can find the token in the confirmation email. Important: this must be the same address as you used during registration.

I’ve lost/not received my email registration confirmation

Please contact us using the website chat or by email at info@qtday.it, providing your registration email address, we will resend you the confirmation.

Will I need any third-party app to join the live sessions?

No, all you will need is your browser and a good internet connection. All the technology is web-based and we’ll only use the platform’s tools with no need for any other third-party app to download or register for.

Are there any required skills for the events?

Each event may have different prerequisites, details can be found in the specific event’s abstract & prerequisites section.

Technical questions

Which are the supported browsers?

For desktop users: the latest official version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, or Opera.
For mobile users: the latest official version of Chrome, Firefox.
Important note for speakers only: screen sharing is supported using Chrome or Firefox only.

What if my connection drops or any other unexpected event occur during the event?

You can always reconnect to the live room, using the “Join” button in the confirmation email.

General information

Are the sessions live?

Most of the events will be live Talk, some sessions will be pre-recorded but the speakers will join the session to reply to the audience’s questions live.

I am interested in recruiting/hiring during the event, how does this work?

Contact us. In the sponsor section there is a simple form to be filled out in order to contact us for this kind of request.